At Special Occasion Mascots we have over 100 mascots to choose from, please see our mascots below. If you cannot see the mascot you require please contact us and we may be able to get your character for you. Please note our mascots are lookalikes, we are not associated or affiliated with and TV, film or entertainment company.

Rainbow Pony
PJ Red, Blue & Green
Buzz Man Lookalike
Mini-on Lookalike
My Tiny Little Horse
Love Character
Gru Lookalike
Gru Lookalike
MR craft miner lookalike
Bat man Lookalike
Elsa & Anna Lookalike
Mr pat the postman lookalike
Memo orange fish lookalike
Piggle Iggle's lookalike
Super powerful ranger (red) Lookalike
Spidey man lookalike
Mr Vader Lookalike
Mr Poke Man Pikachu
Easter Bunny
Dinosaur lookalike
Blue fish called dorie lookalike
Pink pig & baby pig lookalike
Mr Lego boy lookalike
Wood man Lookalike
Sir America Lookalike
Sheep called Shauny lookalike
Mikey Lookalike
The Pups
Italian Mario Super Boy Lookalike
Blue Smurfy Boy Lookalike
La La Tubby Telly Lookalike
Belle pretty lady
mini-ons girl lookalike
Wood man, buzz man, female Jessie lookalike
Santa & Elf
Bore the Explorer Girl Lookalike
Local Fireman
The green bulk lookalike
Mr&mrs mouse lookalike
Kristophe Lookalike
Cinders pretty lady & Prince
White Snowie Lady Lookalike
Sportacus Lookalike
Superman Lookalike
Pink Girl Troll Lookalike
Mr Bingy Lookalike
Sleeping Beauty Lookalike
Lipstick Girl
Mr Tumb Lookalike
Bulldog (Paw Patrol Lookalike)
Banch (Trolls Lookalike)
Women Wonder
Pops (Trolls Lookalike)
Teddy Bear Picnic
Pooh Bear
Leader of the Pups
Mr Incredible man lookalike
Female Puppy
Rock Pup
Mohana Lookalike
Duggee Lookalike
Rocky Lookalike
Twirywoo Lookalike
Crystal the Unicorn Lookalike
New Easter Bunny
Twirywoo Lookalike
Lol & honeybee lol doll

We have more mascots available upon request. Please enquire to see if we can get the mascot you require.